I am so EXCITED.  Opening is Here.

Last night’s Pizza & Volleyball was great.  Twenty families and may more VB players were kicking off Summer at the Pool.

Check out our updated website:  or  Rhonda Clerkin has been working very hard to rework it and make it better.  I am trying really hard to keep the calendar aspect of it up to date so you can use the google calendar (it has only taken me 7 years).

Also keep track of what is happening at the pool with Facebook.  I am contiuely posting picture on our page.

TONIGHT @ 7:30pm Wine Tasting with Robert Keaveny, the wine merchant at Kroger. Bring hor d’oeuvre, snack food to share and a bottle of wine or your beverage of choice. Children may play on the grounds. Robert has picked four wines for us to try.  Very special, see you there!

1)  Open House that last Two Weeks- the first two weeks are FREE for neighbors, friends, guest & prospective members.

2)  2014 Swim Team Parents’ Info Packet

3)  Dinner with the Marlins- May 19th from 4pm to 8pm at PDQ  6305 Falls of Neuse Rd, Raleigh

4)  New Members

5)  Referral Program

6)  Calendar Dates to Remember

7)  Pool Hours & Access

8)  Pool Rules & Regulations-Attached-Please read and discuss with your family.  For the safety of all our members & guest.

1)  Open House that last Two Weeks First two weeks are FREE for neighbors, friends, guest & prospective members. Please spread the word and invite them down. We have many activities for them to participate in the first two weeks, they are invited and welcome to all of them.

2) Swim Team Parent Meeting this Saturday May 10th at 1pm at the picnic tables between the volleyball courts.  See 2014 Swim Team Parents’ Info Packet for more detail about the swim team.  Any questions give me a call 919-345-7410  Stew

3)  Dinner with The Marlins

Thank you to all the families that participated in our fundraiser at Milton’s Pizza. We raised $235 for the Lake Park Swim Team. Way to go!

Mark your calendars for our next Dinner with The Marlins on May 19th from 4pm to 8pm at PDQ 6305 Falls of Neuse Rd, Raleigh.  When you order make sure you mention you are there supporting Lake Park Swim team.  

4)  Please be looking for New Members for the season.  Each year families move or their kids age out of using the pool. We are asking your help in recruiting New Members. This way we can continue to operate as one of Raleigh’s finest Family Pools. Your help is vital for our continued success and greatly appreciated. If you know of any opportunities to connect with new families or individuals please contact me.  I have been working with local schools & their PTA’s to promote LPK .  If you have ideas in mind let me know; Friends from schools, churches, social groups, sports teams, scouts invite them to check us out “The Pool with a Family Atmosphere ”.

You are my greatest asset- “Word of Mouth” from friends.  Attached is the brochure for you to share with friends & neighbors, please forward it on.

5)  There is a referral program that is available. It can be a discount up to $50 per family towards your next year’s membership. For each family your refer to LPK and they join the club (Family Membership).  The following year you will earn a $50.00 credit towards you membership fees. If the membership is for a single or for part of the summer the discount will be adjusted. Speak to Stew for details.

THANK YOU for your help in acquiring new members!!! It is GREATLY appreciated!!

6)  Mark your Calendars:

Friday, May 9.  7:30  pm   WINE TASTING with Robert Keaveny, the Kroger wine merchant.  A time to enjoy selected wines at a real Wine Tasting.  Bring hors d’oeuvre, snack food to share and a bottle of wine or your beverage choice.  Children may come and play on the grounds.

OPENING DAY!!! Saturday, May 10!!!   10 am – 8 pm

Pool hours: Sa & Su.: 10 am – 8 pm,  M – W guarded: 3:30 – 7 pm, Th & Fri guarded: 3:30-8 pm

Access to pool before 3:30 pm is by code obtained from Stew.  See below for more details.

1pm Swim Team Parents meeting at the picnic tables.

May 12 Swim Team Practice begins.  All lanes will be used 4:30 – 6:15 pm but the Baby Pool & the 2-foot area will be open.  This is a great opportunity for your child to work on a skill that will last a life time-Swimming.  They will work on being self sufficient around the water, build their confidence and you can feel more comfortable when they are around the water.  For more detailed information see the attachment 2014 Swim Team Parents Meeting.

Monday – Friday         4:30-5:30pm   Age 11 & Older

                                      5:15-6:15pm   Age 7-10

                                      6:15-7:00pm   Age 6 & Under / Mini Marlins

May 15, 6:15 pm  COVERED DISH, THURSDAY NIGHT SUPPER AT THE POOL Bring a main dish with at least 8-10 servings and a salad, side, or dessert to share.     Beverages, utensils, napkins, plates, etc. provided.   Bring foods in non-breakable containers please.

Friday, May 16, 7 pm   ICE CREAM SOCIAL for entire family, $1. each.   Rafts allowed.

Saturday, May 17, 8 pm  Adult Social-Halloween Party      Don’t be afraid to come to the Lakepark


Saturday, May 17

8 – 11 pm

Bring snack food to share.

Bring a guest or two or three.

Costumes would be fun, but optional

May 22, , 6:15 pm  COOKOUT, THURSDAY NIGHT SUPPER AT THE POOL     Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and the trimmings are available at a small cost .  Please bring a salad or dessert to share.   Beverages provided.

Saturday, May 24, 7-10 pm  MINI LOCK-IN    Ages 8-15 (must be able to swim- see Stew)  The charge is $8. for members and $10. for non-members which includes pizza and drinks.  Rafts allowed after 9 pm.   Guests are welcomed!   Bring a friend.

Sunday, May 25  FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT,  when the sun goes down, 8:20 pm.

7)   Hour of Operations listed below starting May 10th.

** Weekdays May 10 through June 10 ** Limited Hours of Guarding  3:30-7pm **  Please see below for more details.

Times the pool will be open with Guards on duty. 

M-W          ** Limited Hours of Guarding  3:30-7pm **.

Th, F         ** Limited Hours of Guarding  3:30-8pm **

Sat, Sun   Normal hours.  10am-8pm (unless other wise noted)

If you would like access to the pool before 3:30pm, please contact me and we will make arrangements. Stew at 345-7410.   There is touch pad lock to gain access to the pool.  Please contact me directly so I can give you the code.  This will enable you to enter the pool and swim at your own risk.  There will be NO Lifeguards available other than the posted times.  There are a couple of signs posted “No Lifeguard on Duty”.

Please do not let anyone in, if they do not have the code.  This is for their protection & yours.  Have them call me.  Also please DO NOT KEEP THE FRONT DOOR OPEN, let it shut and the others be responsible for opening the door for themselves.

I understand that some children are tracked out of school and that others have smaller children not yet in school, and still more that don’t have kids and want to use the pool.  For this reason I am trying to make the pool available earlier in the day.  It is not feasible to have guards for the entire day, while most my staff is attending school. This is why I would like you to contact me and we can discuss the touch pad lock on the front door.  If you have any question please call me  345-7410

If you ever have any questions or wish to be taken off this email, please  contact  me.

Thank you for your time and support.

Stewart Esposito
Lake Park Swim Club

“The Pool with a Family Atmosphere”