Swim Lessons

LPK is dedicated to Safety, Family & Fun. We want to provide an atmosphere that is safe and comfortable for everyone to develop his or her swimming abilities. We are committed to the sport of swimming because of its importance; it serves as a lifetime skill and a healthy recreational activity. Experienced swim coaches are teaching each of the lessons.

 Swim lessons are open to the Public. You DO NOT have to be a member of Lake Park Swim Club to enroll in swim lessons.

Contact lpkrecassoc@gmail.com for additional information. 

Group Learn-to-Swim Lessons

Designed to introduce children to the basics of swimming. (See levels below.)
(maximum of 5 children, minimum of 3)

Group Stroke Development Lessons

Designed for swim team members and others, with a focus on stroke technique. Available in one-week sessions.
(maximum of 5 children, minimum of 3)

Private Swim Lessons

$25 per half an hour. Package of four lessons for $90.00 prepaid.

Adult Swim Lessons are available upon request.

Learn-to-Swim Levels

Parent Child Aquatics: age 6 months-3 yrs.  Introduces basic skills to parents and children.  Parents are taught to safely work with their child in the water, including how to support and hold their child. Water safety topics are introduced and lay a foundation for their child to learn how to swim.  **Lesson dependent on water temperature.  If too cold, lesson will be postponed and rescheduled.**

Preschool Aquatics Level 1: age 3-5 yrs.  Helps participants feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water.  Learn underwater exploration while opening eyes, blowing bubbles and floating with assistance.  Start to develop good attitudes and safe practices around the water.  No prerequisites.

Preschool Aquatics Level 2: age 3-5 yrs.  Must first complete Level 1.  At this level, participants are going under water completely while blowing bubbles out of their nose and mouth.  Participants learn to float without support and how to recover to a vertical position.  This level marks the beginning of true locomotive skills while building on the skills in Level 1.

Preschool Aquatics Level 3: age 3-5 yrs.  Must first complete Level 2.  While building on skills learned in Level 2, participants learn to coordinate combined simultaneous and alternating arm-leg actions.  This level lets participants master being able to perform skills without assistance.

Swim Lessons Levels-age 6 up. Speak with a swim coach about your child’s swimming skills and we will organize a class.

Stoke Development – Levels

Age 6-10 yrs. Participants coordinate and refine all four strokes, plus diving starts.

Age 11-18 yrs. Participants coordinate and refine all four strokes, diving starts, and flip turns both front and back. 

Session Dates and Times for Summer 2017

TBA – Coming Soon!

Payment is by Cash or Check only. Payment needs to be received one week before the class begins to finalize the reserved space.

**Lessons are subject to change.**

Lesson Tips and Policies


Arrival Time: Please be on the deck 5-10 minutes before each class. Check in at the snack bar to let us know you are here for class.  Participants should use the restroom shower before class begins.  The participants need to wait on deck, not in the water until the instructor has arrived.  Parents should stay with their child(ren) until class begins.  Parents must remain at the pool during the swim lesson.

Swimming Attire and Protection: It is recommended that participants and their parents apply sunscreen prior to beginning of each lesson.  Allow ample time for absorption prior to getting in the water.  For those with long hair, it is recommend wearing it back or covered by a bathing cap during lessons.  Wearing a protective t-shirt is optional.  Participants should not forget to bring a dry towel for use after the lesson.  Swim diapers are REQUIRED for children who are not reliably potty trained.

Parental Support: Be supportive of your children’s efforts in lessons.  Learning to swim can be challenging.  Remember that fear is learned.  If you are hesitant or fearful for your child in the water, your child will generally acquire a fearful attitude.  Your child’s progress and enjoyment can be enhanced when you and your child are enthusiastic about swimming.  It is common for children to repeat a particular level multiple times. Talk to the instructor about when your child is ready to advance to the next level.

First Day of Class: The first day of class is used to evaluate the participants’ skill level and comfort.  Participants may be reassigned to another class if necessary.  Please note that class levels may be combined when numbers are small.

Before & After Class: Parents are encouraged to come and talk with the instructor before or after class.


Absence Policy: Classes are not made up when a student misses a class. If the pool cancels a class, check with the instructor.

Inclement Weather Policy: Lessons are conducted regardless of weather, except in the cases of pool closure due to thunderstorms.  In the event of a thunderstorm or other pool closure, check with the instructor for details.

Medical: If your child has a medical condition (such as, but not limited to, allergies, seizures, or epilepsy), please make sure it is noted on your registration form and the instructor is aware of the situation.  In an emergency, knowledge of a medical condition will aid the staff and emergency personnel in providing care.

We at Lake Park look forward to working with you and your children to provide a Safe & Fun place to learn how to swim!

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