“Stew, a friend referred us to LKP 5 years ago. Once I visited the pool I knew we had to join. LKP is one of the few pools in Raleigh with shade. The first impression I had of the staff was great. They run a clean and safe pool. But what I love most about LKP is the family atmosphere with the Thursday night potluck dinners, family fun Fridays and Movie nights. That is why I drive pass SevenOaks Pool every day to come to LKP. Thanks to you and your staff for all your hard work.” –Corinne, Jamal, Robert, Susan and Caroline Alavi

“What impressed us most about LPK were the numbers of teenagers enjoying themselves. Seeing teenagers enjoying themselves gives the younger children role models and gives the parents of both peace of mind. We were also impressed by the consistent effort to have something for everyone; families with small children, families with teenagers, and couples of all ages. We moved to NC two years ago and the LPK members immediately helped to make us feel like we had come home…even though our original “homes” were elsewhere.” –Jeff & Shawn Holmes

“We have belonged to the pool since 1985, when we moved in. Our decision to move into this neighborhood was made in part because when we looked at the house, a covered dish supper was being held, and some friendly people told Dave how to get to Shelley Lake, and invited us to join in the festivities. At the time, we had six children, 14 months to 15 years. The four youngest all took part in the swim team, and the two youngest learned to swim here. While not as fancy as some neighborhood pools, it surpasses most in spirit and natural beauty of the surroundings.” –Sue Nemetz

“Stew, thanks for everything this year. I want you to know how much we appreciate you and all you do. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You are why the pool is fun and wonderful again.” –Sarah Snyder

“Stew- In talking around to other pool people not at Lake Park, other pools do not do the fun things we – led by you! – do. Can that somehow be accentuated? I’m meaning the lock-ins, adult theme nights, covered dishes, you get the idea. I think that is a real positive and something that sets us apart from other pools. Of course, we’ll continue to talk it up!” –Mary Jane Tanaka

“Stew – I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible job you’ve done at Lake Park this summer. I was amazed by the number of creative ideas and socials that you came up with for both parents and kids. Enjoy your fall. You deserve a huge break. Best regards,” –Ronnie Todd

“The season @ LKP was truly awesome this year and that is due mostly to you my friend. Pls. take care and once again stay in touch. Full tankards and calm seas to you and yours.” –Capt. D.

“Stew-The kids had a great summer at the pool. You really put on a great program. They enjoyed the variety of activities, the tennis, and just hanging out.” –Ken, Carol, Rebecca, and Bobby Hauser

“It was the best $$$ dollars we ever spent. In fact, the most bang for our entertainment buck.” –Alison Lake

“Thank you so much for being there for the kids this summer. I know that my family has benefited from your presence at the pool. Keep up the great work!!!” –Angie Allor

“Thanks for all you have done this summer. It is obvious that you have really made a wonderful difference at Lakepark, and we are very appreciative of your efforts!” –The Sheltons-Susan, David and Sarah


“As you already know, we all love you and think you do a fabulous job with the pool. It’s by far the greatest pool in Raleigh! Thanks for all you do, we really do appreciate you!” –Lynne Goodman

“I wanted to let you know that I also think that the summer 2004 went very well at Lake Park. My girls and I had a great time. Already looking forward to next year!” –Pam Pittenger

Stew, Paul and I feel you did a wonderful job with the pool this year. We weren’t around much after July because other obligations kept getting in the way but we really did enjoy our time there and will be back next year. You do such a great job coming up with different activities and events and then executing those plans. We always felt completely comfortable leaving the kids at the lock-ins because we knew you’d keep them safe (and I’m usually a worrier). You go out of your way to make everyone feel welcome and at home too. We’ll be looking for new members over the fall, winter and spring!” –Pam Matthews

“I wanted to thank you for all the great emails this summer!! They were wonderful. You really went the extra mile with them and all the fantastic activities you planned. We did make it down for the kids’ pirate party and it was fantastic!! Loved your costume, by the way. Thank you so much for all your hard work. You make a lot of people’s summer fun.” –Erin Trifaro

“Stew, Just wanted you to know that Jacob, Garret & Stephen all said on the way home last night, “That was the best time @ the pool ever!” Don’t know what all y’all did but the boys thought it was awesome! Jacob woke up talking about it 1st thing this morning. Just thought you would like to know. See ya soon” –D&C

“We had a great time at the pool this summer. Can’t wait until it reopens!” –Mike & Marilee Moore

“Thank you for everything you did!” –Jane, Pete, Jamie, Marian, Julie Cregger

“We didn’t get the chance to spend as much time at the pool as we had hoped, but we enjoyed it when we were there. Everyone I’ve talked to has raved about you and all you’ve done there this year. We’re already looking forward to spending more time at the pool next summer!” –LaDonna and Mike Lindgren

“Good job this summer.” –Cathy Brawner

“Stewart, I want to thank you for a Great summer at the pool ! !” –Mario

“Please thank everyone on your staff including yourself for a wonderful season at the pool. We’ve really enjoyed it this year and enjoyed getting to know the gang better. I’m glad we’ll be seeing you again next year as well. Thank you for all the work you have done – it hasn’t gone unappreciated.” –Jean Farrell

“Thanks so much for all of the great things that you have done for the pool this year. My family has so enjoyed the activities that we have been able to attend.” –Liz Cartano

“Love these emails. In addition to the calendars they really keep us informed. Thank you again for all you are doing for this pool community.” –Margaret B. Thurston

“Although I have told you already, I will tell you once again;”Great job on the Pirate party’s this weekend!” Both were great and I am sure the kids will never forget it. Lake Park ROCKS and that is in large part due to you. Thanks for all you do”. –Dirk & Cindy

“Also, thank you for all you’ve done this year. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. I’m thankful that Robert has such great role models.” –Nancy Williams

“LPK is a great family pool! We don’t live in the Lake Park subdivision but it was as if we moved there when we joined the pool about 4-5 years ago. We have met so many families. The kids have strengthened friendships they started at school and my husband and I have found a whole group of wonderful new friends ourselves. We feel very confident in the staff at LKP. We often leave the kids there for the mini lockins so we can have “date night”. I don’t worry about them at all because I know the staff is very experienced and very caring. There’s always something going on too – covered dish dinners, movie nights, adult parties, volleyball, ice cream nights, etc. Joining the pool has been great for our family.” –Pam Matthews

“For the last 8 years, we have been members of Lakepark Swim and Tennis Club (home of the Marlins and the mysterious “Bonsai”). Although I moved out of the Lakepark subdivision 4 years ago and now live within walking distance of another swim club, we would never consider changing clubs because of Stew and all that LPK has to offer. In addition to swimming, tennis, and volleyball, each week there are numerous events giving both new and returning members the opportunity to meet and socialize. These special events range from family time at the covered dish dinners, to children only at lock ins, to adults only at wine tastings. I highly recommend you come spend a day with us to experience what we all know is the best club in Raleigh!” –Jean McCloskey

“We drive past two pools on the daily trip from our house to Lakepark pool. The pool closest to our home is a huge complex, and I felt overwelmed by the crowds and noise when we were there. As mom with young children, I was looking for the safety and peace of mind that a smaller, family-oriented pool offered. We found that at Lakepark. Within weeks, the lifeguards knew my children by name, and by the end of the first year, the kids had decided to join the swim team. Now, years later, none of us would consider spending our summer anywhere else. Lakepark has become an important part of our extended family here in Raleigh.” –Donna Godfrey

“This will be my 4th year as a Family Member at Lake Park. I emphasize a “Family Member” because it is a family and community! Stew and his staff always bring energy and excitement to the pool experience, and of course I particularly enjoy the food, volleyball, and fellowship.” –Paul Tilden